Anyone can host, and everyone should. Line drawn pattern of wine glasses, fish and other culinary objects.

I live in New York City, where I run the Pith Supper Club out of my apartment and write a bi-monthly column at Food & Wine Magazine. Through cooking, writing, traveling, and entrepreneurship, I’m constantly excited by the magic of do-it-yourself hospitality.

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Kitchen Essentials

More than anything, people ask me what stuff they should get for their kitchen. So: here is my list of the tools I use every day to optimize my kitchen for confident, improvisational cooking and hosting.

From containers to knives, from a cutting board to the best vegetable peeler, I’ve selected affordable, functional, and beautiful upgrades to any home cooking workflow.


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Jonah pouring wine as nine dinner guests sit at a large table.

Jonah, wearing bright, patterned clothing, tasting cherries at a farmers' market. Shopper next to him inspects a cherry.

Jonah setting the table, which is decorated with flowers. Sun streams through the windows and the shelves behind the table are filled with tableware and wine bottles.

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Small dishes of pasta with sophisticated plating. Each is adorned with a sprig of greenery. Portrait of Jonah with a kitchen knife held in front of the left side of his face. Hands harvest greens onto a metal prep tray, outdoors. A dish of two oysters.

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Tap into the pleasure of do-it-yourself hospitality: here is some of my writing on cooking, hosting, travel, and more.

Pith is an exercise in do-it-yourself hospitality: I sporadically serve dinner for six guests out of my apartment in New York City.

Currently on hold due to the COVID19 public health crisis. Stay healthy, and cook at home to stay sane!

Line drawing of wine, fish, cherries, rosemary and basil

Current Menu

Sesame sourdough bread; soft salted butter; plenty of radishes; green olives.

Smashed peas and mint on toast; raw fluke with cucumber and shiso; raw beef with pickled coriander berries.

Little lettuces with lots of dill and shallots; charred spring onions with vinegar and walnuts; steamed asparagus with golden butter and bay leaf.

Tilefish and fava beans cooked gently in a smoky rhubarb vinaigrette; crispy potatoes with thick cream; lemony garlicky greens.

Rhubarb crumble; brown butter ice cream.


Tickets are all inclusive of food, wine, and hospitality. BYOB encouraged if shared communally. Tickets are non-refundable but fully transferable, and limited to a maximum of two per order. Menu is entirely subject to change and no dietary restrictions can be accommodated. Inquiries are welcome regarding special events or partnerships.

Let’s collaborate on something delicious.


Jonah next to Stephen Colbert, who is holding a forkful of food Jonah on a Food Network show, sitting alongside two others, each with a plate of food in front of them. Screencap of a Elite Daily video, with Jonah, Eric Andre and one other eating trays of food at Zabars Screencap of a CNBC video showing Jonah pouring liquid from a pan with a serious expression

Hospitality & Brand Consulting

Private events? Research & development for a product, venue, experience, or campaign? Select clients: Google, Stella Artois, KitchenAid, Conde Nast, L’Oreal, Sam Adams, Land Rover.

Jonah standing at a long table where fifteen diners are seated. The room has high ceilings and fancy decor

Home Consultation

Outfitting a home or private space? I help select private clients create beautiful and functional spaces centered around relaxed cooking, pleasurable dining, and elegant entertaining.


Speaking engagements, workshops, educational programming, or institutional meal logistics? Food and flavor are great lenses through which to examine political, economic, social, environmental, and physical well-being.

Jonah holding a presentation clicker and speaking

In 2017-2018, I ran a free after-school program for middle-schoolers, using the Pith Supper Club venue to explore gardening, grocery shopping, dish development, and more.

Drawing from my economics studies in inequality, sustainable development, business organization, and entrepreneurship, I’ve also spoken at institutions including Georgetown University and Stanford University, and participated in international development conferences in the United States, Japan, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates.


Gallery dinner? Artist collaborations? Making and serving food is a unique opportunity to experience art: I frequently showcase art through my supper club and events, and have enjoyed collaborating with multimedia artists, architects, musicians, galleries, and museums.

Tea Bowls from Lily Fein at Pith Supper Club:
Two unconventional hand-shaped ceramic tea bowls on a wooden table