Jonah Reider is a chef, entrepreneur, and food writer based in New York. Let’s make the world a more delicious place.

Pith Supper Club and Home Goods

I started the Pith Supper Club while studying economics at Columbia University. While I still enjoy occasionally hosting strangers at my home for seasonal and social meals, the project has grown into a line of simple home goods that let anyone tap into the joy of do-it-yourself hospitality. Visit the Pith Store to see what we make, where we’re stocked, access our small monthly drops of goods for online ordering, and check if supper club seats are available.

Pzaz® Caffeine Mist

Pzaz is a pocketable mist that delivers instant positive energy. It is more effective, efficient, safe, fun, shareable, delicious, and environmentally friendly than any existing energy product.

I started working on Pzaz because I wanted to reimagine the worst food or beverage product I could find. After visiting hundreds of convenience stores and speaking to thousands of their customers, I realized that the murky and macho world of energy shots was wide open for competition.

I developed Pzaz with a team of experts who share my obsession with revitalizing a truly dead retail category and redefining what it means to be energized. We manufacture in the United States (with an old regional manufacturer for 5 Hour Energy, in fact) and currently sell exclusively at bodegas. We are lucky to be supported by an array of inspiring founders and investors.

Food & Wine Magazine

In my bimonthly column Supper Club at Food & Wine Magazine, I share dinner party menus along with tools & tricks that help anyone become a good cook and a great host. Click here to read my contributions for the magazine.

Select Partnerships

Jonah, wearing bright, patterned clothing, tasting cherries at a farmers' market. Shopper next to him inspects a cherry.Jonah x Gucci for The Last Magazine

Pith Supper Club for Land Rover x The New Yorker

Jonah x Food Network

Jonah x Hermès for Popeye Magazine Japan


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